Holzhacker Lager


A Helles is one of life's great gastronomic pleasures! First brewed in 1894 in Munich. It relies on it's incredible subtlety to dazzle the senses. Because it's straw-blonde and sparkling-light, it is pleasing to the eye. Because it is technically a full-bodied brew, in spite of it's brilliance, it is satisfying on the palate. It has almost no nose or up-front bitterness, but it is mildly malt-accented. In the finish it is well attenuated and dry.
Bavaria's answer to the Bohemian Pilsner!


Initial Brew 05/07/2008   

ABV 5.5%

IBU 14.7

Color 3.4 SRM


On tap at Bull Falls Tap Room

4 pack 16 Oz Cans

Draught Year-Round

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Straw-Blonde Brilliance, Infinite Subtlety!
Bull Falls Holzhacker Lager
This Munich-Style pale lager is full bodied and has smooth malt character balanced with hop flavor that does not imply bitterness but offers one a beer that is so smooth it's in a category all by itself!

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